Activists on social media have circulated a video that has been broadcasted by one of the TV channels as a part of "The Economy and the World" tv program. This video, according to the American Forbes Foundation, explained the extent of the global economic losses due to spread of the Corona pandemic in 2020. This pandemic affected all aspects of business and investments around the world, which negatively affected the wealth to decline and the exit of their owners from the annual competition.. Among those who are still own the money and the business and who kept their presence on the list of the wealthy,is the rising billionaire and the very-known businessman, Engineer Alaa El Din Hussein Ahmed Ibrahim, Sudani nationality, who was well-deserved the third place with an estimated wealth of $ 3.7 billion, through which he demonstrated the solidity of his investments and the durability of his successes during the harsh year of the pandemic, in 2020.