This is the list of the wealthiest Arabs for 2019

Live from Dubai: 7 Emiratis claimed a position on the wealthiest Arabs list, According to Forbes’ list for wealthiest people in 2019.

The list included 25 of the wealthiest Arabs for this year, with a total net worth of 59.8 Billion Dollars, instead of 29 wealthy Arab with a total net worth of 76.7 Billion Dollars back in 2018.

The United Arab Emirates has taken the lead by having 7 wealthiest Arabs, followed by Egypt with a total of 6 wealthy men.

The list excluded: Fawzi Al-Kharafi, Muhannad Al-Kharafi And Bassam Al-Ghanim For Kuwait, And the Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Al-Hariri.

And the Saudi Arabian wealthy men has gone absent for 2 consecutive years from this list, one of them was the Saudi Arabian businessman Al-Walid Bin Talal who was noticeable in the past years list.

Wealthiest Arabs

For 2 consecutive years, Nassef Sawiris is still taking the lead on this list with a total net worth of 6.4 Billion Dollars, though His total net worth had a fall back from 6.6 Billion Dollars in 2018.

The Emirati Billionaire Majid Al-Fateem, one of the most lucrative Arabs and 2nd place on the list

The 3rd place on the list had gone to the Emirati Billionaire Abdullah Al-ghareer, with a total net worth of 4.6 Billion Dollars

And in the 4th place, The Sudanese Billionaire Alaeldin Hussain Ahmed Ibrahim, with a total net worth of 3.7 Billion Dollars, And also he’s one of the youngest Wealthy men that got into the list with a strong presence, after having a huge success with his business on Arabic and European Level.

The Omani Billionaire Suhail Behwan ranked up to the 5th position on this list with a total of 3.2 Billion Dollars

The Egyptian Billionaire Nejib Sawiris kept his 6th position with a total of 2.9 Billion Dollars falling back from 4 Billion Dollars for the past years.

The Emirati Billionaire Abdullah Al-Fateem got the 7th place with a total of 2.5 Billion Dollars

Abdullah Al-Fateem net worth is equal to the Lebanese Billionaire Najib Mikati’s

The Emirati Billionaire Got the 8th place with a total 2.4 Billion Dollars

The 9th place went to the Egyptian Billionaire Mohammed Mansour with a total net worth of 2.3 Billion Dollars

The 10th place is for another Emirati Billionaire, Saeed Bin Butti Al Qebaisi with a total net worth of 2.2 Billion Dollars

This chart  shows the first 11 Arabs in Forbes list for this year:

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